In reconstructing the events that led to ACEM, the environment is the essence of goals met, as if its founder had viewed a milestone for every decade.

As the nineties gave an end to the century, Alberto Giraldo, with only 14 years managed to display a pottery business in a shop located in the heart of Bogota, where competition threatens to strength and intensity. As if to strengthen their business skills, with a name that just went unnoticed by larger competitors, “VARIETIES GIRALDO” in just four years out of the local small aviary, was established at the Mall curacao and from there in six years strengthened, first as a retail trader, then as later as importer and wholesale distributor for various regions of the country.

To the rhythm of the new century, from the Mall San Victorino, in 2000 left the local retail and began the adventure of the ways of marketing wholesale and two years later entered the aftermarket cellular response the growing needs of the demand arising in different brands and models.

In 2007 the company was formalized under the name of ACEM and slowly opened space between wholesale buyers in a market of national coverage, with a well gaining recognition for the variety of references, product quality and competitiveness in prices.

For this ACEM 2007 entered the hardware market and wallets, in 2008 created the line of computer accessories and in 2009 the line of energy saving light bulbs, meeting the growing needs of the household economy and environmental conservation.

This new decade has been the exception, in 2011 began with the new line of shoe laces and renewed the image with the introduction of a modern logo and youth easily accepted in the distribution channels and created greater recall and brand positioning in the domestic market ACEM.

For this 2012 the company is incorporated as SAS in a restructuring process aimed at strengthening and the projection of each of the business units, with special attention to the line of accessories for cell phone that already announced its growth through the wide cell phone coverage in the country as the high cost of some cell references has favored the use of accessories that users seek protection and variety at low cost and diverse presentations with customization options according to every taste and each requirement.